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translate document in title

y-Translate English to Russian translations and viceversa in Firefox
Size: 180 KB
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translate firefox addon english to russian english2russian  
Translate this Translate selected text or entire page to your language.
Size: 10.15K
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page translate  
O-Translate Use the O-Translate Opera widget to quickly translate a text or website
Size: 28 KB
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Translator translate translate text text translate webpage  
ME Translate It can helps into translating language files of the mailenable application.
Size: 172 KB
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translate translation MP3 Utility translate file  
Translate Translate your Notepad++ text in no time at all
Size: 63.95K
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plugin Translator translate translate text translation Word  
Translate Me The 'Translate Me' app for Windows 8 provides a way for you to easily access language translation by launching the app or by using the Share and Search command in Windows 8. The Translate app helps yo
Size: -
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translate document in tags

OmegaT OmegaT is a free translation memory application written in Java. It is a tool intended for professional translators. It does not translate for you! (Software that does this is called "machine translat
Size: 2.6 MB
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translation memory Computer aided translation MAHT tool  
WebDicty WebDicty is the best dictionary for Windows computers
Size: 525 KB
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translate translate text Word text translate word  
DocTranslate Easily translate any Word or PowerPoint document
Size: 666 KB
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Translator translate translation translate word  
Tirgumit Right Click Free Dictionary (Bidirectional: English, Hebrew, Russian) Translate words from any document in your computer with a click of a mouse.
Size: 1.9M
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translate document  
Cute Translator Powerful handy program to translate text, document between 12 major languages!
Size: 717 KB
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Translator translate translate text translation  
Translate Pro Translate text from fifty different languages. Different than other translate programs Translate Pro can interpret entire pages of text and not just short sentences.
Size: 305152
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translate translate text translate webpage  

translate document in description

ExcelTrans Key Features: It can translate Excel document automatically, so you will never need to translate an excel file cell by cell. It supports watch clipboard and can copy the result back to clipboard whi...
Size: 1.1 MB
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Translator translate translate text translation  
Translate This! Translate This! is a Firefox addon designed to translate text from the context menu. Easily translate small sections of a page or the whole entire page with a simple click. Select the text you want to...
Size: 261 KB
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translate translate text translation google translate  
Cornish Translator [/li] [li]Translate text and document files.[/li] [/ul]
Size: 11.1 MB
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Translator English english translator Cornish Translator  
King Translate Let King translate be your free and professional translator and translate words, documents and entire texts in over 700 languages. Use King Translate One-Click action and take the easy route to transl...
Size: 566.63K
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Translator dictionary translation word translator  
Gesture Translate Gesture translate is a Firefox add-on that will instantly translate any text you select. With Gesture Translate you can translate any text in a webpage just by full circle or zig and zag mouse movemen...
Size: 48 KB
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Translator translate translate text mouse firefox add-on  
Wordreference Translate In Page Wordreference translate In Page is a handy and reliable Firefox extension designed to translate the highlighted words or expression via the browser's context menu. Wordreference Translate In Page is a...
Size: 214 KB
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Translator translate translate text translation